In a considerable number of cases, […] the analysis divides itself into two clearly separated stages. In the first one, the doctor procures from the patient the necessary information, makes him familiar with the premises and postulates of psycho-analysis, and unfolds to him the rendering of the genesis of his disorder, as deduced from the material brought up in the analysis. In the second stage the patient himself lays hold of the analytic material, works on it, recollects what he can from the apparently repressed memories, and tries to live over again the rest. […] It is only during this work that he experiences, through overcoming resistances, the inner change aimed at, and acquires for himself the convictions that make him independent of the doctor’s authority.
One may institute a comparison with two corresponding stages of a journey. The first comprises all the necessary preparations, […] till at last, ticket in hand, one goes on to the platform and secures a seat in the train. One now has the right, and the possibility, to travel into the distant country, but after all these preliminary exertions one is not yet there—indeed, one is not a single kilometer nearer one’s goal. For this to happen one has to make the journey itself from one station to another, and this part of the travel may well be compared with the second stage in the analysis.

Sigmund Freud on the process of psychoanalysis in “The Psychogenesis of a Case of Female Homosexuality”
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[The patient] must find the courage to direct his attention to the phenomena of his illness. His illness must no longer seem to him contemptible, but must become an enemy worthy of his mettle, a piece of his personality, which has solid ground for its existence, and out of which things of value for his future life have to be derived. The way is thus paved […] for a reconciliation with the repressed material which is coming to expression in his symptoms, while at the same time place is found for a certain tolerance for the state of being ill.

Sigmund Freud, on overcoming traumatic experiences through psychotherapy
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Therapist Confessions

So, this exists. I’m not into clinical psych, but this is still awesome.

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